The Makings of Rock the Cash Bar Mitzvah: Concept Project for Jewish Casino

  • Friday, Mar 12, 2021

Shalom, brothers, and sisters. In this post, you will learn how the JNF funded the project to develop an online casino that was that little bit more welcoming to those of the Judaism faith. If you’re going to gamble, there’s no better place to start praying for help we thought. So, here’s how we came up with the idea of Rock the Cash Bar Mitzvah: A New Chapter in the Hebrew Doctrine That’s Not Quite Orthodox.

Concept Idea of Rock the Bar Mitzvah

Rock the Cash Bar Mitzvah is about taking gaming to the next level (before you might have been using casinos recommended from lists such as Encouraging those of the faith to ‘Just Jew It’. This was out working title for the casino, before settling with Rock the Cash Bar Mitzvah. The platform is a celebration of the faith with the elements such as the VIP Synagogue; the casino club where players can progress through levels of enlightened faith and receive VIP rewards for their efforts. The principle of the casino is to allow people to have fun and not take things too seriously, though the online casino will be offline for the Sabbath. However, if you want to find online casinos for Sabbath, what we don’t recommend, you can search here :

Gaming in the Casino

We wanted to make the gaming relatable and give people simple options to win their money from. The Rock the Cash Bar Mitzvah would, therefore, give these simple gaming categories as follows:

  • Bible Blackjack
  • Rabbi Roulette
  • Progressive Judaism Slots aka Jerusalem Jackpots
  • Persecution Poker

There would also be the option to partake in the Torah Tournaments.

As you can see, all the traditional games associated with gambling are made available. Players will be able to access these games form any device they wish to use, including their mobile.

Specialist Casino Features

Bonuses play a pivotal role in attracting players, so to fend off the competition the Rock the Cash Bar Mitzvah would offer out to customers the following promotional offers.

  • Free Israel Spins to be used on all slot machines
  • Free Cash Bonuses to be called Abraham’s Allowances
  • The VIP Synagogue

All new players would be greeted to the casino with the option of claiming the welcome bonus offer simply referred to as the Shanah Tovah U’metukah Bonus. It seemed obvious at the time.

Presenting the Casino

The Rock the Cash Bar Mitzvah isn’t about capturing the glamorous side of Vegas despite it being by Jewish Entrepreneurs in the late 30s. This site is about keeping things as plain as possible with a nice white background and blue font on the text. The new way of entrepreneurship in gambling is now casinos sites in the US such as you can see on

The principles of the casino are Better, Safer, Together. The casino will use the highest quality security systems, provide the fastest online banking services and form a community around the site that welcomes all interested members.  

Customer Support will be provided except on the Sabbath, in these 25-hours of prayer the casino’s email service will be accessed by those of non-practicing faith.

Side Notes:

Alas, the project didn’t progress beyond the concept, following the rejection of the gambling license.